Macs Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics 05 Ltd was established in 1987 by Mr Noel McFarlane (B. Pharm, M.Phil Pharmaceutics) to meet the demand for pharmaceuticals that were scarce or frequently off the market. He was later joined and assisted by his wife Mrs Clover McFarlane (BSc. Business Studies). 

The manufacturing of antacids, creams, ointments and skin cleaners has been the major thrust over the years.  We currently produce a variety of tablets, capsules and herbal medications in addition to sterile product such as Intravenous Fluids (IV) and eye drops. 

Due to presentation, efficacy, consistency, and low cost of our products over the years, Macs Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics 05 Ltd has been on a consistent growth path, and has managed to secure a number of government tenders despite growing competition.  Our company is GMP certified by Ministry of Health & Wellness Jamaica. We strives to maintain the GMP standard that is consistent with the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals worldwide. 

We have grown from occupying a working area of 600 sq. ft. and two employees to now over 41,000 sq. ft. with 73 employees.  We possess a state of the art quality control laboratory equipped with analytical equipment such as Mass Spectrometer, HPLC, Flames Spectrometer, UV Detectors, Dissolution Tester etc.  We strive to ensure that our products reaching the public are the highest standard.  
Most of our products are consumed locally, however exports account for 10 to 13% of our sales.  Countries to which we currently export are Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad and St. Vincent.  It is our desire that before long our products be known throughout CARICOM and other Caribbean countries for their quality.
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To have a company dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality pharmaceuticals at affordable prices.


To be a major provider of effective and affordable pharmaceuticals to the Caribbean and the World, while providing exceptional service to our customers.